Nat Corbeil is a Montréal PR and communications agency offering media relations, radio and Web promotional services to the cultural and corporate milieu, and where all activities aim to serve the project!

Nat Corbeil


Nathalie Corbeil
President • Business Development
Jean-Pierre Fortin
Partner • Web Development
Catherine Poirier
Press Relations • Radio Promotion
Sophie Galichon
Press Relations • Radio Promotion
Andrée-Anne Duquette
Web Development
Annabelle Lacroix
Digital Strategies
Sophie Guilbault
Maude Bonneau

An experienced team who choses their projects

Nathalie Corbeil has worked since 2000 in the promotion of both Quebec and international artists. She has collaborated with, among others, Pierre Lapointe, Martha Wainwright and Pink, and has participated in the marketing of over 300 albums. In January 2011, she created the Nat Corbeil with Jean-Pierre Fortin, a web developer in the financial sector since 1998 and passionate about business and the arts. Nat Corbeil offers its promotional services to the cultural and corporate milieus, where she collaborates with, among others, SiriusXM and the Pâtisserie Gascogne. The company’s golden rule is simple: "We accept new projects only when convinced that we’re able to bring something of value to it, never solely for financial reason. Because of this, both the media and the public are receptive to the projects we present to them."

Nat Corbeil is a member of ADISQ.
Nathalie Corbeil serves on the Board of Directors of ADISQ.

Félix of ADISQ ADISQ 2021 • WINNER Media Relations Team
ADISQ 2021 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2020 • Nominated for Media Relations Team
ADISQ 2020 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2019 • WINNER Media Relations Team
ADISQ 2019 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2018 • Nominated for Media Relations Team
ADISQ 2018 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2017 • Nominated for Media Relations Team
ADISQ 2017 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2016 • Nominated for Media Relations Team
ADISQ 2016 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2015 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2014 • Nominated for Radio Promotion Team
ADISQ 2013 • Nominated for Web Promotion Team

What is said about us

« Quand on travaille avec la gang de chez Nat Corbeil, on a l'impression d'être en famille! On rit, on s'écoute, on se comprend tout en étant VRAIMENT efficace! »
– Jérôme Couture, Artist

« Travailler avec Nat Corbeil, c’est s’entourer d’une équipe pétillante, dynamique et grandement professionnelle. Avec leur énergie contagieuse, ces relationnistes déploient toujours une vision 360 des projets auxquels ils se consacrent. Ils développent parfaitement les relations avec les médias traditionnels et le web. »
– Danika Fleury, Director of Communications, L-A be

« Travailler avec Nat Corbeil, c’est avoir une équipe qui désire réellement contribuer à notre succès! »
– Andie Duquette, Artist

« Nat et son équipe sont vraiment à l’écoute de l’artiste avec qui ils travaillent. La gentillesse dont il font preuve envers ceux avec qui le lien doit se faire et leur efficacité en tout... Bref, on les adore! »
– Bruno Pelletier, Artist

« C’est un plaisir de collaborer avec Nat Corbeil et son équipe! J’apprécie beaucoup leurs rapports ponctuels et les suivis rapides. »
– Alixe Hennessey Dubuc, Director of Marketing and Promotion, Audiogram

"Nathalie Corbeil has been extremely effective in generating press coverage on behalf of my artist and myself through every possible media source. She has also been extremely effective in promoting my artist with radio and has managed to assist us in achieving radio exposure resulting in three gold singles. It is clear to me that Nathalie Corbeil is a well respected and effective professional and I highly recommend her services."
– Vito Luprano, Founder, Lupo One

Represented by Nathalie Corbeil to date

Andie Duquette
Andre Papanicolaou
André Gagnon
Andrée Watters
Anne Bisson
Annie Blanchard
Ariane Moffatt
Audrey de Montigny
Avril Lavigne
Bastian Baker
Ben Wilkins
Britney Spears
Bruno Pelletier
Catherine Lara
Daniel Bélanger
Dave Matthews band
David Usher
Dick Rivers
Dorice Simon
Edith Butler
Eva Avila
Francine Raymond
Gardy Fury
Gino Vannelli
Hôtel Morphée
Ian Kelly
Isabelle Boulay
JC Chasez
Jaden Chase
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jipé Dalpé
Justin Timberlake
Jérôme Couture
Kevin Parent
Kevin Thompson
Kristina Maria
Laurence Jalbert
Mara Tremblay
Marc Dupré
Marc Déry
Marjolaine Duguay
Martha Wainwright
Martine St-Clair
Mathieu Lippé
Men Without Hats
Mia Martina
Michel Normandeau
Misstress Barbara
Pascale Picard
Patrick Norman
Patrick Watson
Pierre Lapointe
Pink Martini
Projet Orange
Pâtisserie Gascogne
Reel Big Fish
Renée Wilkin
Salomé Leclerc
Sarah Bourdon
Simon Boudreau
Sir Pathétik
Sophie Pelletier
Steve Hill
The Barr Brothers
Third Place
Three Days Grace
Too Many Cooks
Viviane Audet
And many more...

Contact us

We will be happy to answer all your questions! To help us help you better, please include all pertinent information about your project with your request: documentation, websites, social networks, music and videos.

T. 514 244 7202

Conception: Jean-Pierre Fortin • Mercanti
Design: Éloise Camire • Double-écho
Advisor: Guillaume Roy

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