The Nat Corbeil team gives it all to set up a promotional and communications plan that suits you and your needs and perfectly showcases your project. Journalists, bloggers and hosts are influential actors, and a buzz doesn’t create itself!

Media Relations

  • Creating marketing and promotional strategies that are adapted to the project
  • Writing and sending digital press releases to more than 1,900 media outlets in Montreal and throughout Quebec
  • Organizing interviews and doing follow-up with journalists, researchers and program hosts
  • Managing agendas
  • Organizing promotional campaigns with print media, radio, television, as well as online
  • Organizing launches, premieres, press conferences and special events
  • Creating digital press kits with interviews and reviews
  • Creating reserved media sections to distribute upcoming albums with audio streaming and downloads
  • Sending albums to targeted media in both digital and physical formats
  • Purchasing ads in print media, radio, television, as well as online
  • Doing crisis management
  • Providing project visibility on

Radio Promotion

  • Help in choosing radio singles and doing tracking with stations in Montreal and throughout Quebec
  • Sending a press release to introduce the single, with audio streaming and high quality format downloads available
  • Registering the single with online services like BDS and 45tours
  • Making weekly telephone calls to music directors
  • Sending a bi-monthly newsletter, with singles available for audio streaming and download
  • Preparing detailed weekly reports on the single’s progress
  • Organizing interviews, promotions, draws and advertising with various stations

Web Promotion

  • Creating a personalized social media strategy
  • Creating and doing daily management of accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google+ and Vine
  • Preserving and increasing the project’s notoriety
  • Facilitating dialogue with the public
  • Extracting and analyzing statistics
  • Monitoring subjects and events that are important to the project
  • Coaching on the attitudes to adopt, as well as the possibilities with social media

We know The Media

We maintain an up-to-date list of 1,900 Quebec media contacts with whom we communicate regularly by email, telephone and meeting in-person to discuss our projects, while offering interviews and radio singles to play. We are particularly careful to communicate only pertinent information in order to maintain trusting relationships that have lasted, in many cases, for over 10 years.

Accomplishments For All To See

We’re proud of our work, the artists and projects we represent! The press releases and press kits on our website are the fruit of our labour and everything is presented as much to the public as it is to the media. We invite you to take a look at what we do every day for our artists and see what we could do for you.

Complete Web and Social Media Integration

Our website,, is a diffusion platform for all of our press releases, bios, press kits, as well as audio and video content for our projects. We take great care to ensure that it is simple to use and that information can be found in one or two clicks. We also provide sections reserved for the media where they can stream and download upcoming albums, including artwork, press photos and other promotional material. Our site makes it very simple to spread our press releases across various social media.

Quebec: A Key market For Success in Canada

Quebec contains the quarter of the Canadian population and its culture necessitates a different promotion strategy. Your project has much more chance of success with a local team who knows the various media and radio contacts well. We have experience with this type of project and have already helped English-speaking Canadian singers to reach the number 1 on the charts.

Contact Us

We will be happy to answer all your questions! To help us help you better, please include all pertinent information about your project with your request: documentation, websites, social networks, music and videos.
T. 514 244 7202

Cultural Projects

t. 514 244 7202
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