Biographie d'Angelike Falbo

Saying that Angelike has a voice that commands attention is a massive understatement. The 20-year-old, Montreal-based singer has the rare ability to imbue any song – regardless of genre – with the kind of emotional power that dominates anything else that’s competing for your attention.

The anticipated release of her debut album in 2019 will draw comparisons of her vocals from industry icons the likes of Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera. 

Angelike always had a secret she was keeping from family and friends. As she explains, “For as long as I can remember, I loved singing but I was extremely shy and refused to sing in front of anyone.” It was her father who first uncovered the undeniable talent radiating from the basement of their home. It was then, at the age of 16, they sought to turn her passion to reality. 

With vocal lessons from fellow Montrealer and 80’s pop sensation Nancy Martinez, Angelike was on her way to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. It wasn’t long until Angelike was singing as a finalist in front of 2.7 million viewers on Season 3 of La Voix - Quebec’s version of The Voice. 

La Voix was a positive litmus test – Angelike and her father would reach out to producer/manager, Vito Luprano, of Lupo One Productions Inc. “Obviously, we thought signing with Lupo One was a long shot” Angelike opined. Luprano, a former VP of A&R for Sony Music Canada, is best known for signing Celine Dion and producing 20 of the superstar’s albums.

With over 35 years of experience, Luprano knows exactly what success in the music industry looks like. Angelike had to prove her commitment. 

Not only did Luprano recognize Angelike’s vocals, but also a combination of humility, honesty and drive. Within the next 12 months, with Luprano’s guidance, Angelike recorded multiple tracks with A-list songwriters, producers and mixers. The intention, Luprano explains, was to record a diverse set of songs to showcase Angelike’s raw power and wide emotional range as a performer as well as her unique ability to interpret a song. 

Angelike’s upcoming lead single “ LTR”  Produced by Clifford Goilo, and written by Lee-Anna McCollum and Clifford Goilo, two young talented song writers. Mixed by two-time Grammy award winning music engineer/mixer Dave Russell (Justin Timberlake, Tony Braxton, Lady Gaga), will showcase her talent to the world.

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