7 novembre 2013

Critically acclaimed Martha Wainwright sets out for the cities of Quebec

The youngest of the McGarrigle-Wainwright clan hits the road in Quebec to present the songs from her critically acclaimed album Come Home to Mama, as well as pieces from the soundtrack Trauma: Chansons de la série télé #4 that was released last winter.

Supported by her husband Brad Albetta on bass and Yuval Lion on drums, Martha offers an intimate show that fuses strength and sweetness; intensity and vulnerability. Several Quebec cities were graced with the singer-songwriter’s presence during the month of October and the critics are raving:

“[...], the emotion was there. Evident in the slight trembling of a voice that was, at the same time, absolutely exquisite, supple and powerful. Palpable in the joy of singing in French. Emanating with(from?) each note, through melodies delivered in the most stripped down manner possible: folk guitar.”
- Yves Bergeras, Le Droit (Gatineau)

“A truly fabulous and striking show, in which the singer demonstrated the range of both strength and sweetness in her voice. A rare pearl of an artist.”
- Mathieu Ladouceur, Le Courant des Hautes-Laurentides (Mont-Laurier)

“Her performance was imbued with great sensitivity. Touching and endearing, Martha Wainwright is an artist who speaks to the heart. Her infectious energy and remarkable style allowed listeners to embark on an unforgettable musical voyage with her.”
- Marie-Josée Lambert, L’Écho de la Lièvre (Mont-Laurier)

“Martha is able to modulate her particularly expressive and strong voice in a surprising manner to seduce us every time. [...] The singer’s humor and simplicity in between songs lighten the show mainly made up of quite dramatic, but oh so personal and successful performances”
- Nathalie Vigneault, L’Écho du Nord (St-Jérôme)

Martha returns to Quebec after a long international tour. Last time she made a stop in Quebec was for the Kate-McGarrigle Park inauguration, as well as the tribute concert, Cheminant vers ma ville, with her brother Rufus Wainwright and several other family members.

Martha Wainwright

November 13 2013
Victoriaville • Pavillon Arthabaska***

November 14 2013
L'Assomption • Théâtre Hector-Charland***

November 15 2013
Beloeil • Centre culturel de Beloeil***

November 16 2013
Sainte-Geneviève • Salle Pauline-Julien***

November 20 2013
Sherbrooke • Théâtre Centennial***

November 21 2013
Trois-Rivières • Salle Anaïs-Allard-Rousseau***

November 22 2013
Québec • Palais Montcalm***

***Fan Experience

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Photo (jpg) Credit: Matthu Placek

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