30 mars 2017

Martha Wainwright: un spectacle à voir!

Après avoir lancé en novembre dernier l’album Goodnight City, Martha Wainwright prend désormais d’assaut les routes québécoises afin d’en présenter les nouvelles pièces.

Suite à sa tournée européenne, britannique et australienne, Martha reçoit des éloges :

« Martha Wainwright is one of the most compelling performers you could hope to see. »
- Neil McCormick, The Telegraph

« Not only is Wainwright a singer, but also a terrific storyteller. »
- Lucas Cumiskey, The Up Coming

« Her shows are a unique combination of comedy and emotion, conveyed through body language and underrated guitar skills as much as storytelling. »
- Harvey Rae, The West Australian

« Wainwright was an endearing hostess, leavening the often intense music with zippy anecdotes and a gadabout grin. At a moment when it feels as if the world is falling down around our heads, her grace and dry wit were just the pick-me-up you needed. »
- Ed Power, The Independant

« Wainwright really loses herself in the music as she sings – if you’ll pardon the cliché – and the impassioned, almost frantic climaxes of her choruses display her insane talent. »
- Kristen Sinclair, Gigging NI

« One of the 21st century’s most compelling performers [...] among the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen or heard. »
- Advice to the Lovelorn

« The French Canadian is a natural performer, seeped in stagecraft from a young age and full of tales from her past. Such is her confident swagger, you get the feeling she could do this in her sleep. »
- Hugh Russel, Buzz Magazine
Martha Wainwright

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En plus de sa tournée de spectacles, Martha met présentement la touche finale à un livre intitulé Stories I Might Regret Telling You qui, tout comme ses chansons, ouvre une fenêtre sur sa vie, sans artifices, prétentions ou faussetés.


05 avril 2017
Chicoutimi • Théâtre Banque Nationale

06 avril 2017
Québec • Palais Montcalm

07 avril 2017
Dorval • Auditorium Serge Nolet

11 avril 2017
Gatineau • Salle Odyssée

12 avril 2017
Sherbrooke • Théâtre Granada


13 avril 2017
Trois-Rivières • Salle Anaïs-Allard-Rousseau

27 avril 2017
Sainte-Thérèse • Cabaret BMO

28 avril 2017
Sainte-Agathe • Le Patriote

29 avril 2017
Victoriaville • Cabaret Guy-Aubert



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